26 years old with main character sprites and animations, but a total newcomer to programming.

As the title suggests, I’m interested in creating my very own game. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do ever since my youth, but have always doubted my aptitude for doing so. My entire life has pretty much revolved around video games, their constitutive elements, and their effects on the world as well as myself.

Now that I’m getting relatively older, I have realized that I absolutely must actualize these dreams of mine, and after developing a main character and some basic animations, I have thought of some game mechanics that I’d like to write in code and see for myself to see if they’re applicable to the overall theme of this game of mine.

The problem that I have, is that I’m a complete newcomer to the programming world, and am confused by all of the resources available on learning how to program. I don’t know where to begin, as I’m not sure what is most applicable towards my skillset.

I’ll be creating this game in the new Unreal 4 engine, and I’d really like to learn how to program in C++ or utilize blueprints to bring all of my ideas into the digital world. I just don’t know where to start and how to learn code.

I could really use your guys’ help, as this means the world to me. Thanks.

  1. Start with Blueprints.
  2. Start with following tutorials, not trying to make your game.

Learn to use the Editor and Blueprints first, before you worry about making your game. 29’s not too late. I got my first job in the Industry as a tester at age 26, then became a level designer at 28. I didn’t get my first job as a programmer until age 33, which I’ve done for the last 9 years full-time.

It’s a long road though, at least it’s been for me. It’s been said it takes 10 years to become a good programmer, that can include getting a college degree.