24 hours time format in forums

It’s not possible to select a 24h time format in the forums at the moment (or I have not found it yet) and it’s a bit annoying to have to use AM/PM format :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it should be not hard to add such an option.

any reason why you don’t implement this?

Agreed here, 24 hours would be nice, 12am/pm is very confusing for us Europeans. :wink:
Same with Sunday and Saturday never can remember which one is what.
Oh and when are on in, tomorrow is >this< Friday, or it is >next< Friday.
Also do I live on first or second floor.
I am not complaining, I just love to confuse people with all this,
working in multinational company there is always somebody who understands something of this in exactly opposite way.

Same with date encoding.

Would be really cool. I really dislike the AM/PM stuff.

Bam! I have made it so.

We’re looking into plugins to make that possible for each forum member individually because people have personal preferences to how time is displayed. It’s a good idea, but it may take us a little while to implement.