24 bit wav files?

Hello! Newbie to UE here.

I just saw in the documentation that you can import 24bit wav files, but I am having issues when trying so. Output console just spits out “Only 16bit files supported”.

Attaching the line in the UE Documentation where it says that it supports 24bit wav files.

Thank you

Which version are you on?

Currently running 4.24.3 on a Mac Mojave (just in case there is a discrepancy between the PC and OS build).


So asking around with some peers seems that only PC seems to be able to import 24bit wav file while Mac is stuck at 16bit. Is there are way to work around this without the obvious “just use a 16bit PCM”?


At the moment, SoundWave Assets only support 16-bit PCM data, so we convert other types to 16-bit PCM right now using LibSndFile. But it’s possible that testing that import pathway was not tested on Mac.

Any chance this can be updated so that MAC users can import 16 bit sound files?