24/7 Unreal Support

Tuxedo Games is a Free group dedicated to helping game developers ease there way into Unreal, Unity, Maya, 3ds, as well as any other game development software(Galaxy, Construct ZBrush etc.). All Skill levels welcome! One day you will be able to answer someone elses questions! Experts benefit from the pool of testers and a choice of who you’d like to work with on your current or future projects. This is also a live place to discuss ideas, brainstorm, and get feedback. Sometimes a Work in Progress needs fresh eyes!

We do not charge, we only ask that you spread word of this group and help when you are able.

My contact Skype and Discord info is below:
Open Skype and search for me: “Grasso2012” and send a friend request.

If the alerts annoy you within the group, just type “/alertsoff” in the message box and press enter(send); you will no longer get notifications from the group. Regardless, we’ll still be there for game development discussions as well as testing and project recruitment! See you on the inside!

Open Discord and search for me: “DarcZaFire#5314” and send friend request.

I will add you to the group as soon as I log in (but I am usually logged in) :slight_smile:
This is a group basically working together on several unpaid team projects, just as other recruiters of the forums intend to.

We’ve gotten 7 new people since I posted this! All are welcome, including Unreal moderators/admins. Come see what we are doing :slight_smile:

Just a bump again. Seems like we’re getting more each time. All are welcome. If you find yourself hating your searches of the mass of all internet when trying to solve issues, and would like to take a shot at getting direct answers… Click the link! Currently have 44 members!

47 members. Includes students, graduates, and working professionals. Will be looking into recruiting school instructors.

We’ve reached 50 members!

52 members! Perhaps there will be 60 in the future!

54 members! Working on a poster for advertising this group at school. Aiming to attract more students who will bring a variety of talents to our little community!

59 members! Thank you Unreal!

Congrats DarcZaFire. You have enough members to take on developing a MMORPG!

TechLord @

Join us TechLord!
2 people left so we’re down to 58. About 15 of the people in this group have come from this post. I will be creating a wallpaper for Tuxedo Games that will be placed on all the schools computers. Should expect a spike in students from a variety of different majors and skillsets.