24.40 Release Notes

New visual customizations for various vehicles, new consumable item resources, and the Chug Cannon are all on tap for the Fortnite Creative v24.40 update!

Read more at http://fn.gg/v24-40-cr

UEFN v24.40 update brings improved messaging and alerts along with other minor updates, improvements, and fixes to the Creator Portal.

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Can we get a thread that lists major bugs you are aware of / working on that gets updated as progress is made. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I feel like there was several things that were definitely getting patched in v24.40 but what we got is creature wave timer and ball spawner texture patches. This would give content creators some insight into what they can expect to an extent with each patch bug wise, and would allow people to decide if they should shelf a project and wait for a bug fix or continue working on it.

There was a couple things I thought we would see this patch:
MoveTo issues
Project Saving Issues
A few verse problems that people have been having that require skipping two frames with Sleep(0.0)
Spawned NPCs not droping items from item-list: Notably Key-Cards

I know you guys have a lot on your plates and Verse its self is still new, It just would be beneficial in multiple ways if we could get a list going. At least the major known issues, this would also prevent a lot of duplicate posts in the bugs & issues section.


I have absolutely the same sentiment; equally grateful & sympathetic to the team’s challenges. I have a blocker re checkpoints and I’m weighing up whether to develop something custom using Verse to achieve the gameplay I want or wait for a fix. Not knowing if it’s on a plan somewhere is really frustrating and difficult to make a rational decision.