2364 wip

Hey guys, this is my RPG set in the year 2364. It takes place on several partially terraformed planets. This planet is called Artemis. I’m trying to strive for realism in both a graphical and design sense. I’m still pretty new to UE4’s material system so pretty much every material here is temporary. I also haven’t figured out how to get lightmass to do what I want it to do, so this lighting is preview



Cool man, it looks good so far! What’s the plan for the gameplay?

Thanks! For the gameplay you start out with just the clothes on your back, and you quest to earn money that you can use to buy bigger and cooler stuff. Like eventually you’ll be able to buy a spaceship that will let you go to the other planets. basically skyrim with planets instead of cities, and more stuff to buy.


Can someone help me with my rock normal maps? I googled it a lot, and I came up with a few things: flipping the green channel, and keeping ue4 from recomputing smoothing groups. the first doesn’t fix anything (actually makes it worse) and I can’t find the import settings that deals with smoothing groups

What are you exporting it from? I use Maya and I know you need to select the option ''Export Smoothing Groups" when you export it.

I’m using 3ds max 2014 and exporting FBX. export smoothing groups is checked

I’ve been working a great deal on my foliage. Here is one of my updated oak trees. it’s built with a static trunk core with branches placed around in a prefab. It runs surprisingly well even with out the lod meshes which should cut the polygons from 180 per branch down to 8.

better lighting

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what this will look like in the future! :slight_smile: