217 PrimalGameData... not in diff files and no fur armor or new saddle engrams inherited from BASE?


Just installed the 217 dif/git files… and noticed that the diff files don’t include PrimalGameData_BP (which it usually does).

Since my PrimalGameData_BP is parent’ed to the BASE_PrimalGameData_BP (which has the new engrams)… I expected them to propagate into it.


  • I don’t see the new engrams in Engram Blueprint Classes

I’ve tried re-parenting to the BASE file… no change.

Is the answer to right click on BASE_PrimalGameData_BP… choose “Create Blueprint from this”… and then delete the old PrimalGameData_BP and replace references to the new one?
Or do I need to manually re-add the missing engrams/master items?

Reparenting has never worked for me with PGD, I always end up either making a child again or just copying one over and editing it again. It’s not that much work so it doesn’t overtly bother me, but it’s a nuance to be sure.

When I copied the the PGD over Master List went from 421 to 436 so all the new stuff is there for sure.


Good to know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

After some more examination and double-checking… it seems that the only the Engram Blueprint Classes section isn’t aligned… the PGD are otherwise identical.
I have 244 engrams in my old v215 devkit PGD… and 258 engrams in the v217 PGD.

Maybe it didn’t populate because I manually changed some Engram entries to None?

Anyway… I found just a awesome fix!

Where it says “Engram Blueprint Classes” … 244 elements … + Bin Icon … there is a yellow “reset to default” button.

I clicked that… and it auto-populated all the engrams from BASE_PrimalGameData_BP :slight_smile:

I think I just saved us a LOT of time going forward.

Good to know, but be careful with doing that, it may have unintended effects, the reason I say that is because if you reset the Master List to default, it adds in items that Wildcard removed from it, which last time I did it was about four or five items, and not all of them are just added to the bottom of the list, one or two are somewhere else in the list and ain’t nobody got time for sifting through over 400 Item ID’s, haha.