21:9 support pretty please!

Any idea how far out true support for 21:9 is? I’m a massive supporter of Heavy Gear Assault and have a buddy who has a 3440x1440 monitor that is wonky rendering the game and UMG. Also I want to get a 34" curved 3440x1440 to play HGA and UT but I’m waiting on 21:9 support to get there. Please help, thanks!!

What does “wonky” mean?

The engine can render in any resolution you want, as far as I’ve noticed. Just set it up that way in your code. If the game doesn’t support it, that seems like a game problem, not an Unreal Engine problem.

Yeh, engine should support it fine. This sounds like a game-specific request to be honest.

According to the Dev team for HGA it was a UE4 related issue that isn’t rendering correctly on 21:9 and I’ve seen some posts about this on other games built on UE4. That’s why I’m asking.

Can’t answer better without more information.

In general, it is sometimes the case that “it’s an engine issue” from some developers often means something more like “I don’t know how to solve this problem with this engine.”

There’s no problem I’m aware of, UMG/Slate don’t render correctly at 21:9 in UT because of how they setup their UI. Doesn’t have anything to do with some innate failing of the engine. I have a 21:9 monitor and Paragon looks glorious at 21:9 :slight_smile: