2080Ti GPU crashes - no error windows / logs?

Hi all,

Hoping for a bit of guidance here. I’ve seen similar posts about GPU crashes but they all seem to involve a crash or error window popping up either from the system or from unreal. I am not seeing that. I am having consistent crashes where there is no unreal prompt, crash log or error window. In the midst of working, monitors go black. When it all comes back, all apps are closed with (afaict) no logs to retrieve.

  • Drivers are up to date. I’ve tested against “game ready” and “studio” versions of 471.11.
  • Cannot identify any particular editor action that is triggering it.
  • It does seen most prone to crash when adjusting the mesh distance filed settings on a given mesh (nanite enabled or not).
  • It does not seem VRAM related in that it will crash with less than half the VRAM in use (according to the perf monitor).

Is there another location where I can get at any useful log information to try to resolve this? This is beyond my experience so if my questions are a bit basic, apologies in advance. I’m happy to try to use this as way to learn a bit more but I’m unclear where to start.


So, I may have found the issue. One of my monitors was plugged into a second graphics card. The SLI was already disabled. But moving all monitors to feed off of the single card seems to have resolved the issue. Long working sessions with zero crashes.

I’d had the card/monitor set up for a long while (2+ yrs?) with no previous issues in UE4. So my current assumption is that there is something with the new tech that has made this particular config far more unstable. Just FYI for anyone else who may run into this issue. Hope it helps.

I spent 3 days this last weekend with D3D11 crashes, NVidia 2080Ti. The problem was actually the NVidia driver, it’s a nightmare. I turned on driver debugging in the registry and watched Unreal receive reset after reset and black screens (but because I turned off the reset message from the OS it didn’t quit). When I went back to the Nvidia driver that Windows 10 update provides (uninstalled the latest display driver), everything stabilized. I haven’t had an unreal crash all day today.

I’ve experienced lots of crashes. It seems to be a 50/50 chance of UE5 crashing when I either add something from Bridge or enter “Play” mode. I’ve also got a 2080Ti (driver 466.77 on Win 10)

Also have 2080Ti and having a ton of crashes in UE5, have 32GB of ram, but seem to keep maxing it out. Not sure if it’s a DRAM issue or VRAM or driver etc.

Try uninstalling just the video driver (leave PhysX alone) from the control panel, then do a windows update. Windows will put back the driver from last September. Since I posted above, I’ve had almost perfect stability. There is definitely a problem with the latest NVidia drivers.

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Cool. Appreciate the follow up. My crashes have reduced significantly since the HW rewiring but still have happened a couple times this past week+. I’ll try this next.

I, too, have been experiencing frustrating system freezes when using UE. I notice my 2080Ti gets extremely hot as well.

I’d like to try this solution and wanted to know, specifically, if I should be uninstalling all of these except the PhysX System Software? Or just remove the Graphics Driver 471.41? Thx.


This continues to remain very stable for me with the NVIDIA reference 2080 Ti. This is the driver from the Microsoft Windows 10 update only, not direct from NVIDIA.