2070 8GB or 3060 8GB

Hey. I am currently using a GTX 1070 8gb while it works well. I want to improve my video card. Tell me please. What’s better than RTX 2070 8 GB Super or RTX3060TI 8GB GAMING X TRIO?

The 3060 is better

I have the rtx 3060 ti asus oc 8g and it has no performance, often crashes (25 fps max, empty interior architecture scene, no ray tracing !!!) and the card is 100% running. Has anyone had the same problem and solved it I would be happy to know what they did.

The RTX3060Ti would seem like the better card.

We are paying attention to the choice of graphics card. Is the size of video memory important to Unreal Engine? The upcoming 3060 has 12G video memory. Can it be the first choice?

Are you referring to 3060Ti/8GB or 3060/12GB?
Each one is more suitable for Unreal Engine?