206.2 cooks... "Warning: Sahders remaining: 12284" etc.


Anyone else getting this? I’ve been trying to do an initial cook in the 206.2 devkit… 4-5 hours later I went to bed with my PC on auto-shutdown set for 2 hours. In the morning… 7 hours of cooking later the mod still isn’t cooked.

The LinuxNoEditor stages and completes very quickly… but WindowsNoEditor staging takes forever due to this.

Hopefully this is a one-off thing… but just in case it’s not intended thought I’d flag it here.

Noticed the LinuxNoEditor folder is 817Mb… and has cooked TheIslandSubMaps (719Mb) in there amongst other things. Might have to do a complete re-install of the UnrealEditor in case I’ve broken it by installing the SoTF files… but got a feeling it might be the cooking broken.

UPDATE: Now getting “Shaders remaining: 97305”… cancelling this. Will try a full re-install without the SotF files

Yeah that’s way more shaders then there should be… at least it’s10x more then I’ve seen

I haven’t re-installed yet… just wondering if anyone has been able to do a full TC cook yet and it’s a problem with the order I installed the latest patch files.

Or if nobody has yet… and/or they are also getting thousands of shader compilations… it’s something I can’t fix with a re-install.

I did a full cook of mine and only had to compile 10k shaders - took around 3 hours to complete

I thought they fixed that?..

Are you guys cooking the map or have dino edits that require map cooking? I havent had to re-compile many shaders at all.

I fixed the problem.

  1. From Epic Launcher did a Verify… which took me back to the 201.6 devkit.
  2. Unzipped the Github 206.2 files over the top
  3. Unzipped the Diff 206.2 files over the top
  4. Did not unzip the SotF files

TC cook works fine with some basic PrimalGameData and TestGameMode changes… no shader compiles or anything.

I just did a full TC cook in about 30minutes. Not sure why you guys were getting the errors that you did, but using JasonFJ’s sequence is the correct way to unload the new files.