2020 iPad with lidar

Is it possible to use the 2020 iPad lidar capability with RealityCapture?

For example, does the ipad save the data in a standard format that RealityCapture can readily use? 

Is the ipad lidar sufficient accuracy/density for Reality capture use easily combine frames into a model?

A ipad with lidar sounds too good to be true so I’d love to see a tutorial or review or example before spending $1000 buying one to test myself.

We did not make any tests with it so unfortunately I cannot give you any definitive answer. Although, I don’t think it will output structured scan data and therefore probably no. Even the quality of the data will be a little limited. It is still just a smart device not a real scanning hardware.

Thanks, that is expected but also slightly disappointing.

I will keep watching news about this device as it is so much cheaper than alternatives such as the Leica BLK range.

What scan data format would be required for it to work with RealityCapture? I’d like to watch to see whether appropriate apps are developed that may use the sensor to save useful data.

Either e57 or PTX, but structured (every scan position has its position in space defined)