2016 - AnswerHub still inaccessible! [RESOLVED]

I am not able to get access to AnswerHub when I am logged in for some reason I tried from multiple browsers but still I did not find any luck .I checked the following link out which was way back in 2014


and still I am getting this error in 2016 and for some inexplicable reason the language of the website gets changed to Chineses even though I live in India (That’s racist LOL!). Can anyone help me?

Hi @thepsrag

I investigated and identified an issue with your account that I just made a fix for. Hopefully this resolves your login problem.

If you continue to have problems logging in, please visit and use the contact form on the right to discuss with our accounts team.

The language switching on the header is a known problem that we are currently investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Stephen Ellis thanks a lot! Thats wonderful it worked! Thanks again!