2016 and UE4.9.2.. UCX_ tag not working anymore?????

I am trying to create my own meshes for a game concept I am working on but I am not having luck with collision models that I bring in from 3ds via the UCX_ tag. Is this not needed anymore for UE4.9 series? Yes I made sure both had the same name minus the UCX_ part for the collision bounds.

What’s the result when you import this mesh? A totally different collision mesh? -> make sure to disable “auto generate collision” and “one convex hull per…” in your import settings :slight_smile:

I forgot the auto generate collision part but when I first import it in using standard default settings on the importer, I can walk through it still. I will revisit the settings of the import and see if I am m

Make sure your collision mesh in convex or it will be ignored.

all you are suppose to do within 3ds is put the UCX_ on it… but seeing as it is 2016 I could be wrong

I use 2016 and it works for me for what it’s worth.

I might just be doing the import wrong then.

Dont know if it will work, but what happens when you use fbx 2014/2015? :slight_smile: