2015 MacBook Pro 13" performance?

Hi All,

Firstly I’m really excited to get stuck into Unreal Engine! Ive been coding in Xcode on some cool little 2D projects in SpriteKit - but Im looking to scale up to the world of 3D. Ive looked at Unity but with the visuals Ive seen in UE4 there is just no comparison, I absolutely have to start using it!

So my primary (or rather only) machine is a MacBook - obviously its great for Xcode and Apple based projects, but from the research I have done is not so great with UE4. My understanding is that this is due to the difference between DirectX and OpenGL (could be wrong on that). But Im looking to get a new machine now - preferably the new MBP just released.

My request - does anybody have the new 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 13", the one that Apple have just released?

Would anyone mind posting a video on performance?

There is a video on youtube of performance on the 15" model a year back, but I know with the new MBP speeds have been ramped up, so Im hoping that the Intel Iris will still give good performance given that the rest of the laptop specs are better.

Thanks very much

Performance is not going to be very good–None of the integrated Intel HD gpu’s are all that powerful, they are designed just to do the minimum amount of graphical power, since most people don’t play games on there.

Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking, but wanted to see “how bad” it would be. It’s really quite disappointing when I think about how well unity runs on my MacBook.

But nevertheless I am hoping that new new 2015 model will make it significantly workable!

Could anyone post a video of performance please?