201.5 TC cooking impossible

First off:
fx 8350
16gb ddr3 1333
gtx 770
samsung 850pro

3 times i now tried to cook a TC without modifying ANY file at all
no map specified

first time, the editor just closed silently after 5 hours
second, my computer froze after 2hours
third time, after 11 hours i got this:

i closed the error windows and let it proceed
after 13 hours:

Now how the **** am i supposed to cook a total conversion?!

As the US Army used to put it… TC cooking is FUBAR right now :wink:

Hopefully a dev will remember their distinguished modding community before we burn out our CPUs and hard disks…

I have not had any success cooking a map, either. I believe I have heard others on the IRC mention no success since 200.5, either. Help us devs!

Why the heck is the moderator moving these critical devkit bug issues… to a sub-forum for help on making mods?

This isn’t a mod help issue… it’s a broken devkit issue that needs dev attention! Heeeelllppp!!!

Already notified the devs about that.

This subforum is for anything related to modding. Issues with your mods or the dev kit.

The main forum should be used for general discussions about modding. I decided that this post was better here, i’m sorry if you felt that moving this discussion to this subforum would make it less important. It won’t, i promise.

Update :

Devs are working on the issue at the moment. :slight_smile:

Exact same issue for me, almost exact same errors. Luckily I wasn’t waiting on any of these cooks I just hit cook and walked away, but this is always what I would come back to.

Resolved in the 201.6 update.

A primalgamedata only cook took 2 min 35 seconds… and no shader or map compiles.

Thank you Ditsov and the devs.