200 km2 map possible on UE4?

Would a 200 km x 200 km terrain be possible in a multiplayer game using UE4?
And if so how would I go about doing it?



If you search for “World Browser” you’ll find some info on this experimental feature. It can probably do what you want - as it can take in tiled heightmaps from World Machine and set them up to tile properly in the World Browser. Or you can manually tile them, though if there are lots of tiles, I don’t recommend that.

You’d also want the origin-rebasing functionality turned on for this, since a 200km map will definitely put you outside the bounds of floating point precision. Rebasing the origin (which the World Browser supports) fixes that issue.

Caveats: It currently doesn’t work with multiplayer - limited multiplayer support is on its way in 4.3 (I believe its 4.3). It’s experimental, so some stuff might be weird. Also the streaming functionality isn’t quite as configurable as you might need for a huge world like that.

So definitely go check out the thread about the World Browser, which also has a short tutorial showing how to use it (including some important tips for workflow).

Thanks alot!
So I can do it but just not for multiplayer until 4.3?

Pretty much, yep.

Thanks! Do you know the largest terrain I can currently build for a multiplayer game? Is it the same as UDK?

Just fyi, a 200 km x 200 km map is 40000 km2. A 200 km2 map is about 14 km x 14 km.