200.5 Ark Dev Kit update and redownloading

Am I actually expected to re-download all ~50 gigs of data every time you update the dev kit or is something wrong here? When I hit the update button the launcher tells me I can’t update because I don’t have 56 GB of space available. Which I don’t because the last version of the dev kit is taking it all up. In addition some of us have a bandwidth allowance (200 gigs a month for me) so asking to download 56 gigs AGAIN in the same month is unacceptable. Isn’t this why patches were invented? I find it hard to believe THAT much content has changed (or even half that if we’re considering packing/unpacking of files.)

If it really is necessary to do it this way could we at least have the option of running the dev kit in the version we are currently using so we can schedule an update for a later time please.

Had the same problem. Make the space and update, it only downloads 3GB

yeah it was only like 2-4Gb for me

hmm i guess it wants to make sure you have that much, for the backup folders it makes… like, in case you change the whole game, then itd need it ???

I think it’s just a bug in the launcher honestly.

Ok great thanks, I think you could see why I would be rather angry if it was otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: