20 fps what is wrong ??

object poly is high 10000-400,000 maybe this…

Some info’s would be helpful.

Tell us something about your specs. :slight_smile:

gtx 650 ti 8gb 1600mhz ram fx 6300

If it’s high poly then that’s why, your GPU is just below average and your CPU isn’t that great either.

dont understand. my Gpu dont enough???


also too many polygons

polygons what is use gpu or vram

if gtx 970 buy 20 fps to 60 or more
(970 3xfps to 650 ti)

A gtx 970 should give you 60 fps and more on this very basic scene! yes!

I want use oculus but 60 fps low oculus is 30 fps
gtx 970 1 room 30 fps on oculus something wrong???

If you’re serious about wanting to use an Oculus RIft you’ll want something more powerful than a 970. The DK2 need to push two screens at 75fps.

best card is 980 ti
970 60fps
980 ti 90 fps
90/2= dk2 fps to 45 its not enough
best gpu doesnt work to dk2

It depends on the scene you’re trying to use. I have a 980Ti and can run archviz projects on my DK2 (which runs at 75 fps). Epic’s VR demo works great too, but I assume that’s heavily optimized.

If you’re having a lot of trouble you might want to try to clean up the models in your scene.

I totaly agree to that. I’ve also got a 980Ti and I can run archviz projects on my Oculus too. I would assume that you have to clean up your scene and optimize your models.

this is 1 room and very use gpu
so I thing 1 home dont work VR

Fx 6300 gtx970 e darboğaz yapar.

İngilizcen berbat :slight_smile: