2 viewports in a single game window

Is it possible to create 2 viewports rendering two different points of view (cameras) in a single game window? I’m thinking about (for instance), in the very common vehicle game simulation where there is the main viewport showing the road ahead and then there is a small viewport on the top with the rearview mirror. In the examples I saw, there is only one viewport or the window is splitted into four viewports all equal, which is not the intend in this case.

Can anyone give some tips on how to achieve this?

I think this is one of the most basic stuff a game engine must be able to do, and it is hard for me to believe that UNREAL cannot do it (anyway I’ve never seen it in the examples/tutorials).

Thank you.

I think you need to read about “Render to Texture”:

You are right. Thank you for the link rionix.
Just one more question. What about if I want to go a little more further and also interact with this second viewport (like select and move objects)? I know it is not the case of the rearview mirror , but I was wondering if this is possible.

Imagine the following situation: two players playing the game with a split screen layout. As they start in the same level, the first one, the game instance opens the corresponding level and they start playing. So far, so good for Unreal Engine. Now, one of the players finishes the first level and has the right to go immediately to the second level, while the other player still remains in the first one finishing it. For such situation there must be a way of displaying and interact with two different levels (or worlds?) at the same time, using different viewports (or windows).
Is this possible in UE4?
I came from Ogre3D, and all this stuff was possible and relatively easy to do in C++. The problem was that Ogre3D is weak on photo-realistic representation, so I decided to migrate to Unreal Engine. But honestly it looks like Unreal has many limitations regarding user interfaces. :frowning:

Please can you highlight me if I can display different levels/worlds simultaneously? I need to decide if I stick to Unreal or have to try another Engine like Unity or CryEngine.

Thank you.

You can stream in other levels and teleport the player to it, which would let you load two levels at once. They’d both share the same sky and lighting system though. This really limits either the visual features you use or your level design.

Loading two entirely different UWorlds simultaneously might be possible? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not though.