2 things: Landscape edges and Ocean Project

Morning everyone!

I have 2 questions - as stated in the subject

  1. Landscapes - When i have a height map (say from WM) and i import to Unreal, the edges of the map are just … lifted? Not really sure how to describe it, like it just ends. Is there a way to have an edge detection and pull straight down from there, thus, making a “solid mesh” from the landscape? So if you were to pan out, the Z would always come back down to, say, Z = 0. Even if the Z level was +3,000, it would “pull” down from that point to Z level 0 (example numbers).

Example photo here (not mine, just random from images.google.com

In this photo, what i am asking about, is, the lowest point, lets say its Z=0
If the higher points would “pull down” straight from where they are and equal the lowest point … so effectively, it would “box” it all in
like this:

2nd question is this: (aimed at ocean project, but, can be really anything causing it)
When i lay down the ocean BP and get far away, i can see some really bad ripping in the ocean. Its like a fast “blink” and a rip effect in the texture. Again, this maybe a large flat plane effect, maybe caused from the global reflections, maybe caused from the material, maybe its the waves in the ocean causing it, i dont know. Anyone else seen this or have a solution for distance rips in materials? Sorry, no pic at this time, im currently at work