2 questions :-)

Hi all, hope you are all well.

I have 2 questions, most likely been covered here several times (tried to find) so I apologize if this has been covered here before.

Q1. I see some interior visuals have outdoor images that are not on a plane. How is this achieved?

Q2. How can I add 2 materials to one object? i.e a feature wall has wall paper.

I use cinema 4d R13 and R17 for modelling.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks people.



1–if it’s not a plane then it could be a curved plane or a spherical object with the texture on there. Or they could have simple 3D geometry.

2–you have to apply your multiple materials in your 3D application before exporting to UE4, for example in 3ds Max I can select polygons and drag a material onto them and have different materials applied to different polygons. This will then create multiple material slots in the mesh in UE4.

#2: you can create material selections in cinema 4d.
There are several possibilities how this can be achived.

e.g. you can assign a material to a polygon selection directly by dragging it onto the selected faces (polygon mode)
or you can create a polygon selection manually (from the top menu, selection>freeze selection), give it a name and enter that name in the Material Tag under Selection
or in case you have several objects which have their own material (e.g. during construction of the model), combining them into one Object (select them in Object Manager,
right click and select Merge Objects from the context menu) will automatically create material selections.

Make sure that you don’t have any faces in your mesh with no Material assigned or faces that are assigned to more then one material, this will cause an error on import to UE4.

#1: hard to tell without seeing examples.
Some might use 360° Images on a Sphere, maybe even in combination with 3d elements like trees, cars, people etc.

Thanks Guys, spent years with vrayforc4d so a bit of a learning curve working with EU4. Saving hours when it comes to walk throughs :slight_smile: thanks again for your help