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For instance sales in November:
Package A - $1500
Package B - $75

According to this statement:

Is the $75 from package B going to be paid within one calendar year OR that stands true if total sales (sum of all packages) of user x is below $100?


I used to get sales reports for each month from Jon Jones, after he left I’ve been asking from but didn’t hear back. Is that the correct email address to ask the sales report from?

I’d imagine it works similarly to Google Adsense, if at the time of payment, $100 isn’t owed, you get to wait a year to be paid. Just a guess though.

Question is that minimum $100 is per package or per user? If per package, one of my packages receive payment and the other one goes into a year cycle. If per user, that means I made $1575 and nothing goes for a year cycle. :confused:

I doubt it is per package, the whole reason (I think) they do this is so that they aren’t wasting time/resources sending payments out if they are small.

Hey Maximum-Dev, before I used to contact Jon for sales data I would send my inquiries to the accounting department. The one that sends you the sales reports. You could try giving that a shot, and they may be able to help you with your question. =)

You essentially have an account with Epic if you have a package on their market. Whenever your account balance exceeds 100 US dollars at the end of the month you receive a payment. All sales of your packages are added to a single balance in your account with Epic Games.

Personally I hope they get it setup like Unity’s Asset Store because Unity gives you whatever you made the previous month on the 15th of every month, regardless of how much you made.

I got mine from Jon maybe once or twice. After that I was getting same info from Steph and Reuben via each month with no problems at all

My marketplace package launches in just over 24 hours, I was all excited to be able to look at some graphs on the marketplace portal, but I guess I have to request them. Forgot about that :frowning:

Oh, I feel your pain!
It’s really interesting to monitor youtube views/website views/mentions and trying to understand how they correlate with purchases. And absence of hourly/daily data for purchases is just driving me nuts :smiley:

By the way, welcome to Marketplace and good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we will be able to look at real time data soon. Last I heard it was supposed to launch around the end of the year or shortly after. I inquired about a status update in the feedback thread, but still haven’t heard back yet.
Right now I track my marketplace pages with Jon Jones recommended it to me, and it’s certainly been useful for when I market my products.

And as ZeOrb said, welcome to the Marketplace! =)

I’m used to the realtime analytics that YouTube offers, which is awesome (hint hint marketplace team). I am excited for any and all marketplace changes, and can’t wait to see what cool new stuff they bring us in the future. Thanks for the welcome guys :smiley:

There should be a sales tracker for any sales post 30-days after purchase for content providers on your content admin page that auto generates the report in either a CVS format or a PDF format. <nudges Epic>. If its not clear, if, for example, I purchase something from ABC for $30, then after 30 days, it would show up on ABC’s sales tracker… this is to account for a “refund period”. Quarterly statements should show the entire P&L from sales/refunds. There are alot of ways to organize the data, I’ll let the experts figure it out :slight_smile: