2 Questions, Targa file with alpha mask and rotating camera


I have 2 questions.

1: I am using a tga file with transparency. In photoshop it looks fine, But in the editor it has a white outline ( see attached image)There are no semi transparent pixels in the mask. Im not sure if this is a photoshop problem or something i can fix in UE4. Any ideas?

2: Ive been searching for a tutorial on how to make a camera that is locked to a circle track. I need it to be focused on the center of the circle while its moving along the track but also be
rotatable up and down slightly. Basically a poker table camera. Havent found any tutorial that contained all i needed to do this yet. Anyone know one?

TGA just has the alpha channel, not transparency which is the advantage of TGA over something like PNG. The point of that is that you can easily set a color for the parts you want to be transparent so that you don’t get any pixel bleeding when you apply the alpha, you just need to make sure you have some repeated pixels around the edges to have some padding, that’s especially important since it’ll create mipmaps for the texture.