2 Questions: Paintable Surface, Wall Placeable Objects.

So I made a model, got it imported into the engine, thought I did everything properly to make it wall mountable, but apparently not. It turns green like it should when i go to place it on a wall, however when I click to place it just goes away (i.e. like if you clicked the right mouse button) without placing the object. Wondering how to get this to work properly, fiddled with a bunch of different settings for it but nothing seems to of worked.

The other question is how to make a surface actually paintable, looked for tutorials on this but just like the other, came up dry. Would be nice to have a tutorial that covered making a object paintable in game, again same thing, I can get it to show the regions for painting, but when applying it doesn’t paint it. doing the left click and drag to paint on the surface I get the same thing. If there is some simple method to getting this work, would appreciate knowing, or if there is some tutorial for it somewhere that would help me on it.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Did you make sure to add the new wall to additional structures to place in the PrimalGameData BP?, As well as setting in PrimalStructure BP of your wall Structure to Build to your static mesh?

Its not a new wall its a wall object, something thats placed on a wall. Far as what I added: mesh+textures, structure blueprint, primal item blueprint, engram, added engram to primalgamedata under additional engram blueprints, in the structure blueprint I checked ‘requires placement on wall’ and unchecked requires placement on foundation/ground. tried with foundation checked, ground checked, and both checked as well and still get the same result.

has to be something simple im missing.

Regardless if its a wall object or wall you still have to add the BP to addtional structures to place under PrimalData as well as make sure the static mesh is set to Structure to build under the PrimalStructure BP otherwise when you go to build it it has no idea what mesh to place and it will cancel the building. (EDIT : These spots here relate to structures not pacing Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

yes, all the meshes are referenced properly within the blueprints. IF I uncheck the ‘place on walls’ and check it to place anywhere, the object places in the world.

edit in: this is the tutorial I followed for making structural items: HOWTO: Add new structure variants - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

But like i say, for placing objects on a wall, it gives me the green ‘go for it’ but doesn’t place anything. double checked to make sure I had everything in where it needs to be and I do according to that. They will work for anything but being placed on walls.

Well now that you say that it work prior to checking Place on Walls, Onlly one other thing i can think of and that would be there is no Snap Point refrenceing th wall or where on the wall to place? The way i see it is Place on walls will just enable/disable walla beig part of the Obstructed error so you check that and then still need to make a snap point for the wall.

Yeah I unchecked the collision checks thinking that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t placing because of the collision checks, but that didn’t hel either. Now I have a totally new problem lol, after upgrading to 206.2, all the engrams vanshed from the list, now I gotta figure that out before I can do anything lol… argg… probably have to redo the two main files again… arg.

If your doing a TC and Directly changing PrimalData then it resets each dev kit upgrade. Since they add new parts to the engrams/master list/Resources ect so it gives you a new one when updating.

Found the problem, some reason the world settings got reset doh course that was the last thing I looked at lol…

Got the item to place on the wall, not even sure what I changed that made it work :confused: was just going through ticking / unticking the flags in the structure blueprint, and poof it started working.

Now I just need to figure out how to make something paintable :smiley:

edit in: P.S. ty for trying to help me figure out what was wrong Reaper, its much appreciated.