2 Questions involving character movement and infinite loop errors

Hello, I am currently trying to set up a Procedural Generation game, I am watching the Endless Runner tutorial to see how to spawn actors. Right Now though, when I spawn, and my character lands on the platform, He wont move. I’m building upon the Top Down Template, but when I manually place the actor in editor, he can move, which leads me to my next error:
While I followed all the steps in the tutorial for spawning the course, when I hit the trigger box for the actor that spawns the next room, I get the error message: “Error Infinite Loop detected in TShaped , asserted during Construction Script with the following Call Stack” I checked the Construction Script and didn’t see anything. I’m not exactly sure how there is an infinite loop going on.

Here is the Blueprint for Adding the next floor tile:

Blueprint that gets the location for where the next floor tile should be

The Function that adds the floor tile:

So, in short, why can’t I move when the actor spawns, and more importantly, when I manually place the actor, why is it I get an infinite loop error when I collide with the colisionbox that spawns the next room? This is my first time working in a 3d environment and a top down controller game, any idea what is possibly going on? Any advice would be appreciated.

Have you added a player start in your scene?

The infite loop might be because your cast to whateveryourchjaracetrname was plugged in other actor isnt doing anything. period. its just casting needlessly.

Your error mentioned construction script. most stuff doesnt go in the construction script. The construction script is only run when the blueprint is first spawned.

Let me know if this helps
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