2 questions in one :D

So far, thanks for the help I’ve gotten so far, learning new things everyday!

I want to expand one of my mods.
I have made a new fridge and are making a new first aid kit!
Now to the questions:

  1. How can I allow different consumables into the fridge? I can add all the normal one with primalitemconsumableeatable … but I can’t seem to be able to add more… I want to add like Preserving Salt, Wyvern milk, my new first aid kit and a new item used for the creation of the First Aid kit.
    What I have tried is to add the different items into the spoiling timer multiplier in the primalinventory bp… I have tried to edit the components in the fridge, tried adding them to the Remote Add Item Only field … I can’t seem to be able to place anything except the vanilla items into the fridge.

  2. Is there a way I can make my First Aid Kit make an initial 50% health heal, and then 50% over time? What I am looking for is when a player use it, it will heal 50% of their max health instantly … and then 50% over 20 seconds, with a cooldown timer of 1 minute before use again. Item consumed on use. This should be like the last 50% will heal i.e 5% per tick, and is set to give out 10 ticks over 20 seconds, 1 tick per 2 seconds…
    Atm all I can make it do is heal my % over the full duration… I can’t make it FIRST heal 50% as a direct heal, then heal-over-time 50%
    Also, is it possible to lock it down so at any time a player can not hold more than i.e 2 kits at a time?

What you’ll want is to edit the inventory for this structure, I believe making a new fridge with a child of the fridge inventory is best. When you open IceBox, the components tab has the inventory in it. Just delete the normal one and hit “add component” to add your modded one. In your modded inventory, you can simply search for “allow item” and you’ll see eatable as the only allowed item in this inventory. Just add the SE items and that’ll do it.

For the first aid kit, I think Use Item Add Character Status Values is what you want to toy with. I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like you can do either flat health or % max or % current on consumption. You should be able to just do “health” twice for this - once for max, and once over 20 seconds.

As for the cooldown, you might have to dig around more, or look into buffs.

cheers mate… I’ve done that :smiley: but I can’t get the health to work … I can choose instant healing or over time … somehow I can’t get an initial heal, then rest over time … need to tinker more :smiley:

I will try to make a new fridge as a child … and do as u suggested… thanks for this mate!

just thinking out loud here … (numbers here are random, of course)

use kit = 50% total HP gained + buff (heal effect)
buff = heal over time …

i think your best bet is going to be adding a delay between the 2.

Use > Heal > delay 0.5 > buff added for the additional HoT

if this is NOT possible, i would see about this:

using the kit > used for HP gain > delay > use kit again on trigger “isUsed” > cause HoT

so essentially you are using one, “spawning another” that the player doesnt see, nor controls, then auto using THAT for the buff of the heal over time. If that makes sense at all …

would it be possible to trigger a spawn actor/item on use, like once only ?? as in
give item when used, pickup, and such … and while we do have a way to trigger an event, where onUse spawn an additional one. but then … won’t that second that spawned in trigger the event again? and spawn yet another one??
I don’t know how to use the graph to enter triggers and events… so I primerly use the function on the tab i.e on the primalitemstructure or inventory… if something like this can be checked and trigged via graph, it will need to stay on hold until i understand this lol

Atm I have it running 100% healing over 30 seconds and a 60 second cooldown… with a maximum of 2 units at any time…
Hopefully I get better and closer to a better way soon :smiley:
Thanks for that input though … got me so much more to think about/around

I believe the function you are looking for is called “DoOnce”


If I understand your intentions correctly with this health buff, then you should quite simply be able to use the defaults in the primalitemconsumable to add your initial health value, and then spawn a buff at the same time which uses its defaults to add in the secondary set of health changes over time.

I haven’t opened the DevKit in a few days as I’ve been spending most of my time developing and extending my modelling and texturing skills in 3DSMax as opposed to my go-to of Maya, but from my recollection it should be possible to do what you’re wanting entirely in the existing ARK confines without needing a single implementation of graph-based logic.


yup … totally agree :smiley:
By adding a secondary value in the “user add value” tick, I should be able to make the first tick give an initial heal and then the secondary will fire, and do the HoT!
How ever I can’t seem to get this to work.

I am not sure why it will not fire, not even by percent… I’ve tried to tinker with all the ticks available on each section but I getting some weird outputs…
I tried using a tick “Percent of Max Status” but it won’t heal percent of the players health nor dinos health.
Then I tried using “Percent of Current Status Value”, but it still not giving my amount in percent to heal… only the amount. I can say now that I have for the test set first 50 as base amount and tested … and then with 100 and tested, so I can see when it’s firing with percent, and not fixed value.
I tried a “Set Value”, but this really disturbed everything, now I needed to set the base amount to 0.001 to heal and it went to the roof. I tried to set base to -0.001 and it removed like 99.99999% hp :smiley:
I tried using “Set Additional Value” but then nothing happened…

I have to admit my intentions were good, the plan was good, the output … hmm … nothing lol … still not giving up though. I will try to start over with using healing brew ( primalconsumable_healsoup ) and see what I can come up with there … as it’s heal one 40 hp. Maybe I can tinker with this one to make it heal percent, and if so, then add another field in the “Use Item Add Character Status Value”.