2 questions from beginer

I get this “ghost shadow”, “particle left over” dont know how to call it since i dont know all terms and how it works, how can i repair it becouse it appear on every object i add on map eveytime i move or i move camera.

Second question when i pack the “game” and i press alt+f5 while im in game i get max shader complexity counter wich turn the view in green, how can i remove it.

That’s an artifact due to the temporal anti-aliasing

I would like to know how to fix it, if i disable Temporal AA everything turn in pixeled images

Try playing around with the objects material, I think something in that could cause it?

Ive used unreal object with no materials or with materials same thing, i even created a new project from scratch same thing, i sow that more users have same problem but none sayd how can it be solved.