2 questions for map makers

So I’ve been working on a map and talked to others who are running dedicated servers with custom maps(Not many) But so far harvestable items can not be destroyed. They can be harvested but nothing breaks. All settings are matched to what is needed. And when you test run it through UE4 it all breaks fine. When playing it single player the items break, trees have a blurry messed up graphic when falling though. They do respawn.

Second question. How do I combine to added landscapes so that are joined and are able to be edited together. I can’t figure out how to smooth them together.

Thanks - Carrington

Trees, rocks and bushes etc all fall/break on my map, you must have done something wrong

Id recommend only working with 1 landscape, if you are to work with two have them merge at sea lvl as it will be easier to hide, and make sure they are both at the same height so the tallest and lowest point is the same

We’ve actually chatted before. And you have not had your map tested on any server to make that a confirmation

there have been several servers that has hosted my map and i have personally tested this on a server, i know they work lol