2 Questions, Can it be done?

I have a UI element that is loaded up on the playerpawnmale and female.The first issue i have is it is loaded when the model is loaded with a begin event. This works normally when respawning but when creating a player it creates this everytime the module is loaded it seems. So start as a preview male it loads behind the create UI. Then pick Female it loads another one, Go back to male it loads another one, create the player it loads yet another one. This being said is there a way to detect if the widget is currently active something like if widget->branch true do nothing false load the widget?

Second thing is the messages i use in my welcome screen are hard coded to the mod. Is there a way to create it so people could download the welcome screen and alter what it says without having to load it in the dev tools and manually change it? Like an INI file or something to that effect? i heard read write access to any files might not be possible?

any insight on these would be fantastic.

When creating your widget, you could store it’s return value in a variable, and then before creating the widget, use an ‘Is Valid’ node from the variable. I haven’t used the Dev Kit, so I’m not sure about your 2nd question.

Another issue i have is since the change is on the PlayerPawn the mod doesnt go active for players that are older then the mod till they die… So i installed the mod to live server today and it works for new players and anyone who died however anyone who hasnt died since yesterday it doesnt work for. is there a way to force blueprint reload at login?