2 Questions about AI


I have been doing UE4 for about a month or so now and have started to delve into doing some AI characters but am finding it difficult to understand which is the best way to do things so I thought I would ask people who probably know a lot more than me about UE4.

Question 1: When using a MoveTo command in the Behaviour Tree does the Nav Agent use A* pathfinding to find the most efficient and direct route to the target??

Question 2 : When assigning values to Blackboard keys which is the best way to do so ?

Example blueprint : AI Random location posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

As you can see one uses a Make Blackboard key selector to directly set the value of a key and the other uses a public variable to set it?

I would think that using a Blackboard Key Selector makes more sense to me as it keeps it all contained within 1 function rather than passing several values around the blackboard all the time but I could be wrong.

If anyone could shed some light on the best way to do this it would be appreciated!


Guess no one knows lol :smiley: