2 question. movement stop when offscreen and blueprint flow

hello, here are two question

  1. character movement stops when offscreen?
  2. is my playercontroller -> controlledpawn -> character class flow correct?

so ive been experimenting with multiple character class blueprints with ai controller, and sending them to a specific location when i press spacebar…

at first i thought it was doing ok… well, it worked alright, they reached the specified destination…

but i just noticed today that, when i try to send all the characters in my screen
click a unit, press space bar
click another unit, press space bar… etc…

and then not moving the screen… they move… but then when they get offscreen, they kinda stop…
if i moved my camera (controlled pawn class) just when they stopped moving, they start moving again…
but if i dont focus my camera to them longer than maybe 5 seconds… and focus the camera to them again…
they wont move anymore, like they forgot that theyve been commanded to go to a specific destination…

i wonder what’s wrong.

these are the screenshot of my blueprints…

This is the player controller

This is the master unit / camera unit / default controlled pawn

This is the walker

This is the ai controller