2 Question About Learning Programming And The Engine.

My first question is where I can learn c++? Whether or not it’s a PDF or Book, or website, where’s the best place? Second, should I learn the built in Engine Functions before, with, or after I learn C++? Thanks!

One of my mates pointed me to this tutorial set however I have not gone completely through it yet.

For me I found learning how to use blueprints easier to begin with as it is very visual and you don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes most of the time. It also gives you an idea of what is possible as there are all those pre-made nodes that you can pick and choose.

When you start with C++ in the UE4 I personally would recommend you to take a look at a basic and general C++ tutorial: Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials - 1 - Installing CodeBlocks - YouTube after that take a look at the C++ tutorials from epic games + the documentation: Programming with C++ | Unreal Engine Documentation :slight_smile: