2 Projects starting March

I will be looking at starting 2 projects from the 1 of March

1ST projects will run for 2 years and the 2ND will run along side but for a further 3 so 5 in total, I am taking a good hard working team who I have worked alongside on MOD and script projects for a number of years and we are going into a world of unreal, Everyone will be on a Royalty basis but there will be private and personal funding for the projects for content, publishing, Advertising, component and software expenses.

The pith will be presented by myself so the team ( Are in already informs and on board ) For the business I.E Royalty percentages future work company and so on Although we have a good team or various skills be are all pretty new to the Unreal engine itself so looking for people with either extensive knowledge who people who wish to help achieve our end goal and willing to lean and teach themselves areas to benefit our project.

As I have said a business pitch will take place end of Feb early March if any of thsi sounds like it could be something you are interested in please reply or send me a message and will try to explain better.

Best Regards

Don Meehan

PM Sent regarding your current & future projects.

Thanks & all the best,

If you written a more proper pitch for your projects then your post here then it would nice to know what you are doing.

Could you explain more in detail what are you looking for/what are you planning to do?

Please disregard the unsupportive members of our community. Most are of excellent character and only wish your continued success. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!