2 players on same keyboard, at the same time

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for 2 days now and have looked around on the forums to no avail.

I want 2 players to be able to play together at the same time using the same keyboard(no split-screen).

So far I have created 2 very similar Character blueprints, the difference being the axis mappings(WASD on player1 and Arrows on player2).
In the Level BP I create the players like this:

Inside the character blueprints I’ve set them to automatically posses and recieve input from Player 0 and Player 1 respectively. Consume Input is also disabled on everything.
When I play the game, both players spawn corretly and are assigned a controller but only Player 0 is moving. Player 1 is not reacting to the any input from the keyboard.

It feels like this shouln’t be that complicated and I’m probably missing something.
Any help is greatly appreciated.