2 Player Input System for a Fighting Game?

Hey Guys,
i have come across the common problem of not being able to control two characters at once. I tried a method that worked some versions ago, but is outdated by now. So if anyone could give me an idea on how to solve my problem that would be awesome!

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With SSP we create a controller base that takes input from controller 1 and controller 2 defined by an ini file. We then put this on a persistent object. We put a “controller converter” on the character, or whatever we want to control and grab either controller 0,1,2,3 inputs based on the player number assigned on the controller converter. The controller converter than converts the input to local keypresses. IE:

Controller Base (On persistent object.)

Player1UpKeyPressed = tick
Player2UpKeyPressed = tick

Controller Converter (On character, whatever.)

LocalUpKeyPressed = ControllerBase.Player1UpKeyPressed;

In this way, in our play scripts we only ever have to reference ControllerConverter.LocalWhateverKey

I can’t find any definitions of SSP :confused:

Here i my project, if you please could take a look at it and say what I have to add where and so on.

You need to be more specific with what you are trying to accomplish. Is this multiplayer online? Is this local on the same keyboard? Is only one player allowed on a keyboard? Is this all controller based?

One option is to use the input manager, and then do a keycheck on your blueprint/script for your character controller. In this case.

On the other hand, maybe you want to hard define those values, such as in a case where two players are sharing a keyboard?

Unfortunately, I can not open your project. I do not use Skookum and I am on a limited internet connection at the moment.

It should be a 2 Player Game either managed by 1 keyboard or 1 keyboard and 1 controller … depends on what is easier :smiley:
At this moment of time the game is a local one and should therefore not use multiplayer features.