2 pawns one controller. How to?

I have been trying to find a tutorial on how to do this, but I have only found blueprint tutorials. I would like to do something like this:
Control one pawn with arrows and the other with wasd.

well there is no such thing as one controller possesing two pawns.

There are a few workaround that can give the same effect. in order from simplest to complex :

  1. make key events in the two pawn actors directly like what happens on pressing wasd and arrow keys. beware this approach can’t use the input events from project settings and you can’t change controls while playing

2.use two mesh components in your pawn and instead of moving around your whole pawn move these mesh components as desired . so its still one pawn but looks like two pawns.

3.This is possibly the most complex but the most flexible approach. give the two pawns their AIControllers and use your player controller to pass orders to those AIControllers. this is how things are done in rts games. this approach can also be used directly if you simply dont posses the pawn and just call move functions on those pawn directly