2 of the same custom collisions interacting don't trigger events?

In the first preview it seemed like overlapping objects were having issues with errors stating in the blueprint objects as yellow warnings no result would occur, and now the warning has gone but it looks like none of the custom collision types setup in Project Settings>Engine>Collision are working correctly when overlapping.
I’ve setup a “TRIG_Room” object channel, and though it works when my player overlaps it (which is a pawn type) it doesn’t work when 2 “TRIG_Room” objects are overlapping.

Hi SwiftIllusion,

Could you provide some screenshots of the custom collision setup, as well as the details panel of the blueprint that you are overlapping?

This is the custom collision setup - http://i.gyazo.com/5998be36002689e82c3db6acf8997652.png
And this is the details panel of the blueprint - Screenshot - 65ef0b6314ddedc4dccd0baee90974bf - Gyazo
This has only stopped working since 4.8 preview 1/2, the setup worked fine in 4.7

How are you overlapping the 2 TRIG_Room objects? Are they 2 static objects that are overlapping at start? Or are they moving and overlap each other at some point?

They are box collisions inside blueprints, which spawn on begin play as the rooms generate, overlapping to trigger logic for spawning doors (I’ve set breaks on the overlap triggers to make sure that’s where the fault lies, and the overlap events never trigger-it’s no fault of the logic spawning the doors).

What is the Collision - Object Type on the spawned doors?

Sorry-I only mentioned the doors for context about its usage-they aren’t relevant to the issue. I have 2 TRIG_Room objects that overlap, which should be triggering an event like they did in 4.7. They inconsistently worked in 4.8 preview 1, but in 4.8 preview 2 none of them work.

I’ve tested the setup you pictured in 4.8 Preview 2 but I still can’t get your results.

If something spawns into or moves through the TRIG_Room’s (as long as it is set to the correct Object Type) then it triggers overlap event. If something starts inside of the room’s I can get all overlapping actors to trigger an event. I can also get the Rooms to recognize overlaps with each other.

Could you post a small test project showing what you are seeing?

Doing more tests it looks like it’s directly related to projects going from 4.7 to 4.8. Here’s a test scene in 4.7 - Dropbox - BugTestOverlap7to8.zip - Simplify your life
The level blueprint spawns 2 of the overlap triggers, making the spheres spawn. If you open this scene however in 4.8 I found it not only doesn’t work for the custom collisions-it doesn’t work with any collisions. Even after creating new blueprints and using default collision types, what had worked in 4.7 stops working in 4.8.
If you create that scene in 4.8 from a new project however it actually works. Something must be breaking it in the transition?

I see what you are talking about in 4.7 and after converting it to 4.8. However, when I set this up in a new blank 4.8 Preview 2 project it still doesn’t fire the Overlap events. Could you provide the project that you created that works in 4.8?

There’s the test project I made in 4.8. It has a BP getting player 0 input where on clicking left mouse button it will spawn the overlapping objects, which will correctly trigger and spawn the spheres indicated it worked. Hopefully that reveals a possible solution for this issue.

Hi SwiftIllusion,

I entered this as JIRA UE-15768. Our developers will be investigating the issue further and we will post back here with updates as we have them.

The workaround for the issue would be to add in a slight delay between the 2 spawned blueprints or recreate the blueprints in 4.8.



Hey SwiftIllusion,

I just wanted to let you know that this is now fixed in our latest internal build. If all goes well you should see this working properly in the full 4.8 release.



That’s unbelievably great news :smiley: was really worried about this, thanks a lot for all your hard work.