2 objects with same world location not showing up in the same place

Apologies if this isn’t the right place to ask this, but i’m a complete newbie here and am still learning the ropes of the engine and this forum. I have been stuck with a very weird problem for a few days now with no solution. The problem is exactly what the title says. 2 objects which have the same world location (verified by printing as well), don’t show up in the same place. I’m trying to make a simple sling, which shows the path of the projectile before it is launched. Here is what it should look like (this is something that I managed to make earlier but have been unable to replicate again since):

This is the code that I have currently:

where the create_spline_mesh function is this:

This exact same code worked previously, as evidenced by the above screenshot. The projectile path looks correct and matches up exactly with the BP_Predict balls. But when I try the same code now, this is what I get:

As you can see here the spline mesh components don’t actually match up with the spline path. Even though the world locations at each point are exactly the same. I am printing the locations to check as well. I tried drawing the spline debug lines. The debug spline lines match perfectly with the balls, but for some reason, the spline mesh components don’t follow the same spline, even though the locations and tangents are the same as the balls. The previous one I made is still working, so clearly I am missing something in this version which I have overlooked. The code is exactly the same so I’m not sure what I’ve missed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!