2 new flow control macros

Here’s 3 (Updated) new flow control nodes that are very simple and you can make.

Switch Random



This switch executes A or B randomly based on percent float you give in.
I tested it with ForLoop and it works just how it should. (Based on unreal engines random system ofc)

Quick Bool


This node makes quick local boolean with assign inputs in it.
Good for those who are too lazy to create boolean variables for small things.

Hopefully someone finds those useful :slight_smile:

These are actually really handy

Groovy, baby


New node!



This one is tricky, because it requires delay node inside standardmacro. This is how you insert it.

Create delay collapsed node inside blueprint, like this

Then copy collapsed node into your script inside standard macro and expand it. If it disappears, undo and just keep the collapsed node.
Another thing you can do is run the script and after that try expanding it again.


This node is kinda like gate, but it keeps ticking and counts the time.
So far my favorite!