2 issues with saving/loading

Ill start with the first and easier issue. I am having an issue with a BOOL setting itself to false. This BOOL is called “was game loaded”. On my “event begin play” within my third person BP i first check if the game was loaded from a save file then to a branch. If it was not loaded i set the Above BOOL to false (also its default setting). If the game was loaded i set it to true. When i load into a game it correctly sets the BOOL to true but only for about 5 seconds then for some reason it sets itself back to false and i cant figure out for the life of me as to why? the only places the bool is set anywhere is within the event begin play and after the branch so i cant see any reason why it would change itself during play. I have tried to add in a “Do Once” Node but didn’t change anything. Anyone have any ideas as to why a bool would change on its own?

My second issue is with saving and loading itself, most of my game saves and loads fine all the variables within my third person character BP and my inventory system BP work brilliant, but some of my settings for my shop keeper BP are either not saving or not loading correctly, i am unsure whether it is not saving or loading the info correctly, Is there any way to read the info within the .SAV file so i can debug which one is having the issue (saving or loading) or a way to save the game in a different and readable format?. Ive set everything to save and load within my shopkeeper BP the same way i have for the Third person and inventory BP so i am struggling to figure out whats going wrong if i can read the info within the save file it would obviously be a big clue if its saved correctly.

If anyone needs more info or screenshots ill do my best. Screenshots might be a challenge as my project is pretty large with alot of info and blueprints.

First part. Are you using level streaming? This can cause weird things the happen or not with being play.

Second part, can’t really say much without seeing the code. As far as saving and loading goes, there’s nothing you can do wrong, it’s just a single node…

for the first issue. No level streaming i just start from a main menu map then load a main game map.

For my second issue i’ve been a bit of a prat i remember my saving/loading used to work fine but what i failed to remember is i recently updated my engine version and created a copy of the game to keep the backup for the older engine. I just booted up my older version backup and sure enough the saving and loading works flawless.
So the issue i am having has arisen from the engine upgrade but i am not having any error messages so i am still unsure how to track EXACTLY whats causing the issue in the new version engine. My original project was done on version 4.20 and the version with the issue is 4.23. It just doesnt seem to be either saving or loading all of the variables.
I can see its saving some information as they have different save names for example player.sav, inventory.sav etc… but i cant see exactly what variable settings its saved and vice versa with loading. but for some reason in the new version without changing any of the save system its either not saving or loading all of the correct variable values but it does all this fine in the older one.

Already ran into that problem in the last version so i clear my arrays but its not just the array thats not saving or loading its the entire shop keeperBP system But the player and inventory system work fine still which is whats confusing me more. nothing within the system has been changed but refuses to work within the new engine. Could it possibly be a bug of some kind?. usually when you upgrade and something fails you get an error of some kind makes it easier to trace and fix but i am having no errors at all which is why i am stumped lol

Hmmm… Something I’ve defintely noticed with more recent versions, is suddenly you have to explicity clear arrays before using them. Even after stopping the game and re-starting, they have some junk in.

I don’t suppose any of you wayward variables are coming from arrays?

Is the cast always working? The only thing I can recommend is breaking it right down into single components and get each one working, one at a time.

My experience is that what really looks like a bug is 99.9% of the time not one. But ‘features’ defintely do rear their ugly head every now and then… :-/

Finally sorted it though im still not 100% certain what the actual issue was. I went back to my project in 4.20 then Did a copy to 4.22 then back up to 4.23 with each jump still working correctly. My older version backup was missing some of my most recent changes within the broken 4.23 this post concerns, so i began adding in those changes again manually one by one (luckily wasn’t loads, few hours work) and testing the saving and loading after each change, i am now caught back up and everything is still working as it should.
My only guess is that maybe something got corrupted with my first attempt at upgrading the engine version. Or it could have been where i cycled through each version first this time that stopped it from breaking again I have no idea which it could be.

My first issue with the BOOL setting itself to false after a few seconds of game play is still present though so as a workaround i created a new bool and put that in its place seems to be working as it should now will keep an eye on that one for a while.