2 handed weapon

for the weapons like guns w add a socket to the bone where to attatch the gun, but what about the 2 handed weapon as rifles and submachines?
does anybody have a tutorial about that?

I personally would just attach it to one of the arms/socket -> the one that gives the best result. To get that work for different weapons, you can use a ik setup: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/IKSetups/index.html :slight_smile:

it isn’t very clear for me :o
there isn’t a video pls?

Unfortunately there is no video around that shows how to create an ik system for a weapon, but you could take a look at the content examples (there you can find some ik setups) :slight_smile:

Ok thnx
can i find it in the 3rd person template?

No, just in the content example (unfortunately I dont know in which map I found it :()

ah I found it in the shooetr game template :smiley: