2 Game Mode - player controller problem

I’ve created two new game modes-player controller: one for swapping between the thirdpersoncharacter and the rudder(boat) and another one for swapping between the thirdpersoncharacter and the canons.

I get them to work individually but not both of them at the same time.


What do you mean by “game modes-player controller”?

are these player controllers or game modes? You could have one player controller with basic movement logic and pawns for the boat and canons that you could possess with more specific movement logic

A new player controller

They are player controllers. The problem happens when I have two of them (canon and boat). If I have only one of them they work perfectly, but if I have both only one does.

Your have 2 blueprints with GM in them. Your naming convention makes it very confusing but if they are player controllers, you can’t switch between player controllers during run-time. You want to have 1 player controller (looks like you are using third person player controller) and a pawn for the boat and a pawn for the canons. Then you can possess and switch between either of them. You’re not changing game modes and you have no reason to spawn another player controller. You can add movement logic in both of your pawns that would relate to your boat or canon