2 execution pins in output

I want to know that is there any function in blueprint that can get 1 input and 2 or more outputs but all the outputs execute at the same time, i know about multi gate and sequential but both of them do in sequence not at once so is there any other function there to do that
anyways its solve now

It’s not possible to execute 2 functions at the same time …?

not actually but i used forloop in its given state and hook the both pins in different input pins and it execute them at same time

IMO a function that had 2 outputs would still not execute them both at the same time but sequentially. Maybe in two separate threads this could work? Even then it’s probably not completely syncable.

Why do you need to fire two things at the exact same time rather than with a delay of a whooping 0.001ms or whatever?

You could use a custom event.

exactly same time was not necessary but the problem at that time with multi gate or sequential was that if i press E it will execute node 1 and again i press E it will execute node 2 so here was the prob i want it to execute both nodes with single press of E coz by pressing E i wanted to close one gate and open the other gate

Check out the Sequence node, which should do what you want.

Michael Noland