2 events in the same trigger?

hello. i want to ask how to achieve 2 events when an actor overlaps a trigger volume. for example: i manage to do when the third person controller is inside a trigger volume and the “E” key is pressed to change the color of a light. now i want , when the third person controller is inside the same trigger volume to press the “F” key and do something else.
any solution on this problem? thanks in advance

You can add a sequence off of the on actor begin overlap and do the two events you wish from there. Let me know if this helps

hello and thanks for your answer, but i am new to the unreal engine and i cant understand what you mean. :slight_smile: can you tell me how to do that ? thanks again.

ah got it got it anyway… thank you very much :slight_smile:

i assume that your working in the level bp since its a trigger volume. in that case you would create a input event which uses the E key. then you would use the is overlapping actor node and a branch node. this combo will control if the rest of the script should run based on whether the overlap is true. now for the target and other pins you would have a reference to the trigger volume in one and a reference to the character in the other. you can use this same script for both your E and F events by simply changing the input event node.