2 event begin play?

Hi all…
i need something that is the same of event begin play because i arleady use it for a ridondant event and i need another one for another event…
Here i need to set it
And here i have eventbegin

You can use a “Sequence” node and do the new stuff at the second exec.

sequence node?

Type in “sequence” in the node search box.

You’ll get a node with a few ports.

Basically your setup should look like this:

Event begin play -> Sequence
Port 1 - First thing you want done
Port 2 - Second thing you want done when the game begins
Port 3 - etc.

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you need any more help.

~ Jason

thanks a lot :smiley:

No problem.

~ Jason

If one were to put a timer in a sequence, would that still delay the next chain of events?

No, a Timer is a new thread. Only a “Delay” is really delaying the chain.

Oh yes, a delay was what I meant.