2 different spoil timers for electrical cooled feeding trough? How?

@P0k3r Made the feeding trough now completely new, just enabled the “Can toggle activation” and it shows the light fire option, BUT if I only put in the BPContainer Activated event with a print string, it still doesn’t show me any print. Haven’t tried out the complete graph yet, but this irritates me a lot. I never worked with graphs before, so am I doing anything basically wrong here? Do I have to like activate some feature to start with that I don’t know about? O.o @Huston850 yes, I am.

P.s.: I took the Feeding Trough BP, the engram entry, primal inventory bp and primal item structure, like I did before with every other structure I made… Am I missing something there? Does the feeding trough need something additional?

Ok guys, hold on tight, IT WORKS! Thank you SO so much P0k3r!!! I don’t know what went wrong with the old structure, but when I made it new it worked :slight_smile: (yeah, even the stupid print string works now ;P)
Again, thank you! :slight_smile: