2-Day Games Jam - "Shadow" Multiplayer Game [Blueprint Only]

The product of a 2-day games jam at Alacrity Falmouth (my new employer).

This was largely made by two people over the course of 48 hours, and during that time we even caught our other two team members up with the new Unreal Engine 4 tech!

With less than an hour to brainstorm the design, we originally aimed for co-operative gameplay but changed to cat-and-mouse style shortly into the first day. There is a full menu system and multiple levels are available, but we didn’t show those in this short clip.

All five teams did amazing work, and yet somehow we came out as the winners! Proud of my team for spitting this out in the time that we did!


Note: Could one of the folk at Epic or a mod move this to ‘WIP’s’ Please, my mistake :slight_smile:


Congrats with the win! The game looks really good. :slight_smile:

Looks amazing, and only 2 days!

I’d like to know how to do the impact ripples on the refractive edge-of-map material :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job TheJamsh and congrats on the win! The game looks very nice and it is crazy to think that it was done in 2 days. Keep up the great work!

Nice work! Congratulations :slight_smile:

That’s pretty dang cool TheJamsh ! :slight_smile:

Nice work. And only Blueprints results in that? Wow, that is amazing. Blueprints is very cool when building a prototype for a game component or just build an entire game as well. UE4 is getting better and better the more I play with the engine :D.

Thanks for the great feedback guys! And yes Warlord, all in Blueprint :slight_smile: The trickiest part was just figuring out how to control two ‘pawns’ from one player controller, but just split the pawn into different components and treat them as individual actors, and you’re away!

By the way as an interesting bit of information, we actually toyed with using Unity first off. Now I don’t wish to start an engine war/comparison, but many would usually have gone to Unity as the choice for a Game Jam. We actually made the game twice to begin with in the first few hours, to see how fast we could prototype in either engine and make a decision from there. In the end, despite having both a Unity and Unreal “specialist” on each team, Unreal came out on top. It’s quite amazing that that is a possible outcome now!

It’s an interesting time for Game Development!

Thanks Acren. I did those so I’ll explain, the material at the edge of the map is simply a panning material made to look super-awesome(if I say so myself). The impact ripple is part of the same particle system as the impact effect. When either of the Wisps gets a “Component Hit” Event, it casts to the other actor to see if it’s the wall, gets the orientation of the face and aligns the particle system to it. That way it ‘appears’ that the ripple is part of the wall, but in fact isn’t. The randomisation of the sparks and lightning etc. in the particle system makes it appear as if there are subtle deviations in it’s orientation. The ripple itself is a simple orientation-locked sprite with a refraction material applied. Hope this helps (:

Somehow we got through to be on the EGX stand, thrilled! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Great job on this! I love it.

Pumping this kind of Production Value out in 2 days is amazing and inspiring at once. Exciting Times indeed! :slight_smile: Wish you success with pitching your concept!

Blueprint only multiplayer game?