2-d Games.

Any tip and trick in C++ for a fighting game.Can the side scrolling template be change up to make a fighting game?.I een Arc used ureal3 for Guilty Gear and its awsome.Just wondering if anything can be releases about 2-d fighting with UE4 and C++.

Well, of course you can make a side scroller with UE4. There’s not only the template but also the Tappy Chicken and the Swinging Ninja demos that should give you a good overview on how to approach your game. It might even be doable using only Blueprints, but if you can code c++, even better!


Right right.Im study c++ now.Getting it all together trying to make it the way I dream.Take time tho.

This thread might be of interest:

Hey thank you ill be checking out the stre tonight also!!