2 Bugs Found When Cloning Projects

Hey Guys,

I found two bugs when trying to use a cloned project. If you have a cloned project and try to compile, you get “Compile Failed” and the following bug within the window.

The second issue is that when you use the “cloned” project on the same version of UE4, it still keeps the map names on the list of recent levels and when you click on them, because they are still pointing to the old location, the following comes up…

Also, when you clone that same project back to the original name, everything works. Hope this helps.

Hey -

I have a few questions to make sure I understand the issue you’re seeing. Which version of the engine were you on when cloning? When you clone the project and then compile it, are you making any changes to the clone before the compile? I see the message when trying to load other levels but I’m not seeing the compile error when I click the Build button in the Toolbar.


Hey ,

The version was 4.4.1 compiled from source. Yes, I had also started making changes to the project before compiling however, I didn’t have any reason to compile as I hadn’t updated any source for the project. When I noticed the map references weren’t working, I had a hunch that maybe compiling wouldn’t work so I tried it and immediately got the compile failed.

Another thing I noticed is when you clone a project, it only renames the Unreal Project file and leaves the old names referenced in any project file that references the project name if it is a project that has C++ code.

Thanks !

Hey -

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce this on my machine and have submitted this problem to our internal tracking system for further investigation.


Awesome, glad to hear it and glad to help out! Take it easy and enjoy the day out there.